Educating ourselves and our community on green practices and local buying principles

Community Electric Aggregation Process

Sustainable Delaware Ohio is committed to Renewable Electric Aggregation with the following goals:

  •         100% renewable energy for a safer and healthier environment with a preference for local generation when possible that provides local jobs and stimulates the local economy,
  •        saving money on our electric bills by choosing sources that are cheaper than the AEP standard rate,
  •        easy, free and timely opt-out for anyone who doesn’t want to participate,
  •        preserving net metering for electricity customers who generate some of their own electricity.

However, we are not for blanket aggregation options left open by the unclarified ballot language and the ordinance recently passed by Council that could pit one portion of the residents of the City of Delaware against another.  We have proposed that the City only consider “win-win” options, with 100% renewables AND cheaper than the AEP standard rate, not one or the other.

We recommend that Council pass a resolution affirming these goals at the earliest possible opportunity.

SDO urges the City of Delaware to make RENEWABLE a part of the proposed community electricity aggregation by seeking the maximum “green” content in proposals from suppliers.

  1. The Delaware City Council needs to be informed on what OPTIONS are available for electricity regarding opt-in/opt-out, net-metering, duration of the program, green energy, and compensation of energy consultants.
  2. Council requests proposals from a half-dozen energy consultants and selects one that meets the criteria.
  3. November Ballot: Council has voted to put this issue on the ballot and submitted it to the Delaware County Board of Elections. The issue is an  Opt-Out solution, which automatically enrolls all local residents, unless they individually opt-out of the program and choose not to be included. The ballot measure is NOT A LEVY, meaning there will be no taxes on any resident, business, or other entity within the city limits. 
  4. Informing all Delaware residents: by providing clear and transparent information. SDO offers the City of Delaware its assistance with that, as well as the Ohio Energy Council (OEC) and Councilman David Robinson from Worthington.
  5. After this ballot measure gets approved by Delaware residents (November elections), the City can negotiate the most favorable contract for its residents based on cost and amount of green energy.