The first thing to know about recycling in general is that it’s the 3rd priority in conservation efforts, behind reducing our consumption and reusing as much as we can. Recycling, then, is a last ditch effort to prevent harmful stuff and too much trash from winding up in a landfill–or worse.

The first thing to know about plastics recycling is that it’s not just about the number in the triangle. Recycling plastic stuff depends a lot on the shape of the object to be recycled. It’s also good to know whether or not to rinse containers, whether pizza boxes are acceptable, and lots of other details. Fortunately, most of our local governments are already providing recycling services to us residents, and providing plenty of information about these options online.

For Delaware City residents, what they collect at curbside must be sorted into two groupings, as follows. Click here for more information.

  • Fiber: newsprint, phone books/magazines, paperboard/chipboard, corrugated cardboard and all types of paper.
  • Non-Fiber: plastics No. 1 and No. 2, glass, aluminum, bi-metal (tin and steel), aluminum foil and aluminum pie plates.

For residents of other municipalities, here are links to their official city recycling information pages:

For all Delaware County residents, there are collection bins at many township halls, and they accept all of this:

Aluminum cans, steel cans, glass bottles and jars (clear, green, brown, and blue), plastic #1 to #7 bottles and jugs (flatten and put the lids back on),  magazines, catalogs, mixed paper, office paper, newspaper, phone books, paperboard, corrugated cardboard, aseptic packaging such as juice and broth boxes and gable-topped cartons.

These bins are collected and managed by Rumpke Click here for the list of collection locations. Click here for a colorful handout of what they can and cannot accept.

Here are other local recycling options, including local businesses and more:

Price Farms Organics
4838 Warrensburg Rd., Delaware
A Class II Composting facility accepting yard trimmings, sod, soil, leaves, grass, food remnants, paper and more, in accordance with our Ohio EPA permit. Compost, soil and mulch are available for sale.

Republic Services, serving Sunbury
107 Tilden Avenue
Mount Vernon , OH 43050

Sims Bros. Recycling
65 London Rd., Delaware
They buy, transport, process and sell all types of recyclable products including scrap iron and steel, nonferrous metals, cardboard, newspaper, plastics, and glass.

Abitibi Recycling bins (Paper Retriever program)
bins all around Delaware county
Distinctive green and yellow Paper Retriever bins are provided to interested parties who encourage the community to bring their paper and put it into a convenient drop off location. Customers are not charged for the bins or the pick-up of paper. In fact, Paper Retriever pays its partners for the paper collected in each bin.

TerraCycle is a nationally-based company that recycles or upcycles previously non-recyclable or hard-to-recycle waste into products like park benches, tote bags and flower pots that are then sold by major retailers such as Wal-Mart and Whole Foods Market.

Updated 12/18/2023