About Us

Since 2010, ‘Sustainable Delaware’ has provided
green thought leadership and programming
for Delaware Ohio and the region.

Sustainable Delaware is now a Transition US community. Transition US local initiatives are  part of a global movement to transform our local communities by making them more sustainable, more interconnected, and more resilient to change. It was started in response to anxiety over future challenges the world is facing, and has spread from one town in England to become a global phenomenon. By coming together, local communities are able to crowd-source solutions. They seek to nurture a caring culture, one focused on supporting each other, both as groups or as wider communities.

When We Meet

We are meeting the second Saturday of the month at the Delaware CoHatch and Zoom am. Please join our Facebook Group for the link and updated info. All are welcome. Join us to participate and define programs to reduce harmful impacts on our environment, educate ourselves and our community on green practices, and support our local economy.

We also have a much more informal social gathering, called Green Drinks Delaware, for anyone interested in getting together with others curious about supporting our environment. 

Our Mission

Sustainable Delaware is a group of residents focused on
promoting environmental, social and economic sustainability
for the Delaware community
through awareness, advocacy and action.


Sustainable Delaware partners with the City of Delaware, Transition US, Delaware County Soil and Water District, Keep Delaware County Beautiful, Ohio Wesleyan University, Unity Community Center, the League of Women Voters, Co-Sustainability Ohio, Earthdance Ohio, the Citizens’ Climate Lobby, Preservation Parks, and many other groups.