Monthly Material Creativity Contest

Let’s get creative!

Each month, we’ll feature an object or item that we have a lot of. This month of June 2024, it’s 3-ring binders. Come in and get one or several for free, while supplies last. Use your own, if you already have ’em.

Create something new out of one or more, or repurpose them in a novel way. Make it beautiful, make it eye-catching, and above all make it useful! Show us how everyone else can’t live without these things they were about to throw away, if they only saw them through your ingenuity.

Share an image(s) of your creative reuse in a post on our Facebook group by the middle of the month deadline–the 15th. Images and creator names will be posted here on our website in a gallery, for a broader audience.

Then a Facebook survey will go out to determine the winner by popular vote. You will have a week to cast your vote. The creation and innovator with the most votes wins.

Victors will be showered with accolades. They and their creation will be featured on the SDO Facebook page and in other, similar media. We are working on additional awards for the future! Most of all, the champion will have the satisfaction of knowing they’re helping to spread creative reuse in a circular economy.

And everyone who participates can have fun doing so!

Ideas for 3-Ring Binders

  • Wall hooks for keys (but what do you do with the cover jacket?)
  • Obstacles for putt-putt golf
  • Cable management
  • ???