Event History Renew Delaware

SDO has been pushing to get Renewable Energy Aggregation on the ballot. Here an account of events.

February 2020

Last year February 2020, David Robinson, Worthington Councilman shared his journey of implementing Renewable Energy Aggregation at the SDO Business Meeting (attached 2020.02.10). There was much interest by myself and a few others from SDO to see about getting this on the ballot for Delaware. David Robinson offered to meet in March with Delaware City Council, and Stephany Gregory relayed that offer via email to City Manager Tom Homan on March 11 (attached 2020.03.11).

April 2020

Then COVID hit. On April 15th, Marriane (Gabel) let us know that Homan would contact us when time permits. (email)

September 2020

In September 2020, Steve Gregory notified us that ‘power aggregation may be taking place without our input‘ and suggested it may be time to re-send our letter (attached 2020.09.18) because SDO wants to make sure Delaware will put Renewable energy aggregation on the ballot, not fossil fuel energy aggregation.  

October 2020

In October 2020, Ali Kahle from Main Street let u know that Aspen Energy presented to City Council. SDO reached out to AspenEnergy to learn what they presented, and what SDO can do to support getting this on the ballot. We wrote a letter to City Council (attached 2020.10.08).

November 2020

Jay Sell and Alan Samuels from Aspen Energy attended the 2020.11.14 SDO Annual Meeting (attached Minutes). After this meeting, SDO wrote another letter to the City. (attached #2)

January 2021

At the SDO January Business-Board meeting, Sarah Spence from the Ohio Energy Council presented information about OEC as well as about Power A Clean Future Ohio (PCFO). SDO voted to become a partner with PCFO and discussed the need to follow up on Renewable Energy Aggregation.

On Saturday, January 30th, Aspen Energy notified us that the agenda for the 2/1 Council working session showed postponing energy aggregation to 2022. SDO met on Sunday, January 31st and wrote another letter (attach) to City We also attended the Council’s streamed working session on Facebook and commented that we want to see Renewable Energy Aggregation on the ballot THIS YEAR. At the very last moment of this meeting, Tom Homan asked if Council would be willing to have 2 items on their plate for the March 1 or April working session, and they agreed. (YAY!!)

February 2021

2/3/2021 – Climate Action Working Group meeting to determine further steps. It was decided to make the upcoming SDO meeting all about the Renewable Aggregation and invite David Robinson (councilman Worthington), Council members from Delaware, and Sarah Spence from the Ohio Energy Council (OEC).

2/13/2021 – SDO Business & Board Meeting, with an extensive Q&A session. Will Farrell and Hellinger from the Delaware City Council attended.

NOPEC will attend March 1 Working Session


It looks like the City Council is willing to do this, but does not have enough bandwidth. SDO has offered to help do the heavy lifting, which is getting us all educated. I am willing to invest time and energy into this.

In summary: