Delaware County Land Conservancy

The Delaware County Land Conservancy is being formed by concerned residents in our community because we want to preserve open and green space in Delaware County, Ohio. 

What exactly is a land conservancy? Simply stated, a land trust is a charitable organization that acquires land or conservation easements, or that stewards land or easements, for conservation purposes. (from Conservation Tools)

Who are we? A group of residents that love the land, just like you.

Want to work with us? Send an EMAIL and you’re in.

We are meeting the fourth Sunday of the month at Stratford Ecological Center from 2-5 p.m.

Active Issues

Addison Properties PMU overlay and mixed use development near Shelbourne Forest

A high-density housing and commercial development that will destroy 4% of our tree canopy and would disrupt three tributaries to the Olentangy River. About 3,000 mature trees are on the chopping block. The preliminary plan has undergone many changes since it was first introduced last summer and has passed planning commission. The plan sits at the City Council level. There has been one public hearing and one reading so far. The points of contact for the current status of the Planned Mixed Use (PMU) development is Stacy Chaney Blankenship or Jennifer Jenkins

Most recent letter of support: 

Dear Members of City Council,
We are writing to ask you to make the natural resources within the Addison Property a high priority and incorporate more sustainable principles into this development. This area is critical to the Olentangy Watershed which is home to six state-listed endangered, threatened or special concern aquatic species and also provides water resources for agricultural production, industry, recreation, and drinking water for many people. Delaware County’s rapid development is a leading threat to the quality of the watershed and the trees are a tool to mitigate the effects of land-use changes. 
The forested areas within the Addison Property have been identified as high priority Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 areas in the 2020 Lower Olentangy Watershed’s Greenspace Plan based on 22 ecological factors. This means that these are some of the most important trees in the City of Delaware.  Unless you take action, the city will give the developer a 50% tree preservation discount. This is not appropriate for this location, every tree needs to be accounted for. The placement of city roads and utilities should also be placed to minimize the impact on natural resources. More existing trees need to be preserved so that they can continue to grow to protect our watershed by filtering pollutants, improving water quality, stabilizing soil, reducing the effects of runoff/pollution from impervious areas (roads, turfgrass, parking lots, driveways, buildings, etc.), improving air quality, reducing energy usage, and providing habitat. 
Please recognize the environmental needs of our community and require more existing trees to remain.
Respectfully and on behalf of the Board of Directors of the Delaware County Land Conservancy,
Ingrid Wood

Route 23 Connect 

Route 23 Connect is a corridor study to determine the feasibility of creating a free-flow connection between Toledo and Columbus. Several alignments have been presented of which DCLC opposes all options presented except for one. DCLC is partnering with the No 23 Connect group of concerned residents who also oppose all routes through prime farmland and natural areas. 

DCLC is backing the proposed Concept C1 with the No 23 Connect group in which the state would upgrade the existing U.S. 23 corridor through Delaware County by (1) adding / modifying interchanges, (2) limiting access to the modified roadway through the corridor through the use of service roads, and (3) adding additional through lanes. This concept is the only concept that does not involve building a new bypass highway through rural, undeveloped portions of Delaware County. 


Liberty Road parcel across from Stratford Ecological Center

We recently learned that the 23 acre parcel across Stratford Ecological Farm and Nature Preserve is the target for a high-density development. After aggressive advocacy on the part of many city, township and county citizens the development has been stopped for now. The rezoning which would make it favorable for development was voted down by the Delaware Township trustees in the early fall.  The land is owned by the developer and the developer is in talks with Stratford Ecological Center. Our hope is that Stratford and the developer comes to some sort of sales agreement in which Stratford takes ownership of the land and will subsequently restore the historical wetlands which once resided there. The hydric soils remain so restoration is feasible. DCLC will keep all posted of developments. 

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